SAGE Art Academy - What is ART5? - Pueblo, CO

ARTis an exciting, affordable and flexible 
ALL DAY Friday Art program>

It's simple, you enroll for 8 weeks at a time, securing your spot; there is no start or end day, just an 8 week committment, either enrolling in the classes you solely want for your child 1,2,3,4, or all 5; and the choice to take what ever class your child or family schedule wants for that Friday, your child can join any class, space permitting, a confirmation by Thursday 8:00pm is advised. 

Our Fridays start at 8:15, last class ends at 5:15. 
Student can take any number of classes, there are 5 different fine art classes. The more classes you enroll in the lower the price per class and just $50 for the entire day!

Students are welcome to drop-in for single classes on any class , space permitting,though drop-ins are a small additional cast of $2 per class.

We encourage you to enroll for a
8 week session.

YOU CAN ENROLL AT ANYTIME OF THE MONTH, we will simply prorate you forward 8 weeks from the date you join. Joining for a session at a time gives your child the best educational learning experience with consistency and creative flow and it guarantees your spot long term. The classes fill at 12 students.