SAGE Art Academy - What is ART5? - Pueblo, CO
  ART5 is a NEW fine-arts program offerred every Friday, starting August 24 thru May 31. It is available for any student who love art or is curious about art, age 6-14. It is designed with the 4 day a week student in mind but is perfect for home schoolers, and early release Friday students too!

Students and families have the flexible option of taking a drop-in class or signing up for a 2 month session.

Signing up for a session is more effective  educationally and tuition cost also if you sign up for a two month session it assures your spot for 8 weeks. 

There are five, 90 min. classes offered. The school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 5:15. Students can enroll in 1,2,3,4 classes or all day!!


2-D: meaning all that is 2 dimensional; flat, students will work on new lesson each week,landscape,still-life,Master studies,anime,nature studies, architecture, graphic design & theme inspirations; they will create in graphite,marker,charcoal,conte, acrylic,watercolor,tempura,india ink, oil, chalk pastels, mod podge; and work on varied papers, board and canvas; they will also venture into collage and large scale pieces.

Painting:students will study all of that of the @-D class but create in a variety of paints;  acrylic, watercolor, gouache, liquid water color,india ink & tempera. They will also mix other mediums while creating as is always the way at SAGE.

   LUNCH BREAK:11:30-12:15
Lunch will not be provided,it is recommended to send your student with a lunch and water bottle.We will have a SAGE staff member available to take interested students to Gypsy Javas, they can buy a sack lunch there and then return to SAGE to join the rest of the class to eat lunch and take a break. Lunch Break is not offerred for students taking a class after lunch.

  3-D 12:15-1:45
3-D: is everything made to be three dimensional; they will build a sculpture, installation, clay pieces, model making, jewelry work, functional objects and fun abstract creations too!  Students will work in wood, paper, found objects, metal, rocks, nature; really anything we find interesting. 

  Anime and Illustration1:55-3:35 
A & I: focuses on exploring illustrative work and anime style creations; ideas rendered by drawing ideas, comics, story telling, anime charactors, with pen, pencil, marker, and finished with paint and other mediums; on bristle paper; learning anime skills and studying charactor ideas. 

  Mixed Media3:45-5:15
Mixed Media: is a mix of a little of all classes and students will work in all mediums offered, in the other 4 classes. Additionally students get to explore the reaction of mixing and complementing different mediums together to create a sucessful, interesting and unique piece. Oil pastel with water color, salt on watercolor, charcoal on dried paint...

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-class size 15 

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